Our Vision

Our WISH for You


Professional networking with WISH offers you a powerhouse of benefits. Now more than ever in our economic climate is an important time to seek strength and value in your business relationships. 

At WISH we passionately believe that our members can benefit from excellent opportunities to connect and engage with women at all stages of their careers and across a whole range of organisations who operate in the sector – both private and public.  

We’re a Community Interest Company (CIC) with a difference. This is what really sets WISH apart: as everything we do is with you in mind. We want to ensure you as our member receive the maximum benefit of being a part of our unique networking community.

You are at the core of our WISH vision. We want to extend our influence within the Sector and to positively pledge:

  • To champion you every part of the way for positive and beneficial outcomes: by offering a guiding beacon within the sector; highlighting the issues of diversity, gender inequality and what the sector can do better to retain women and address the gender pay gap
  • To being a catalyst for change: by offering a new perspective and creating a lasting legacy we can all be proud of
  • To support your career progression wherever you are in the sector
  • To help boost your confidence to be the best version of yourself   
  • To encourage your success in helping to challenge stereotypes and barriers
  • To help you accomplish your goals and to remain in the sector by offering guidance through our mentoring programme and peer to peer support at our networking events
  • To actively encourage more young women to choose careers in the affordable housing and construction sectors when they leave school, college or further education


WISH offers you  the opportunity to network in a friendly relaxed and safe environment with women from your local area. Not only do we want you to gain immense value from our events, but we want to continue to inject fun into all that we do.  We will welcome and introduce you a wide range of contacts, some of whom might just become your friends for life.

Our passion is for strength in the collective and we’re committed to supporting you through our regional and annual events and calendars of informative, insightful and entertaining events with every member in mind.


WISH is a fun networking community of encouragement and support for every woman, just like you


Networking the WISH way ‘It's not who you know, it’s who knows you’