Our Sponsors and Partners

Our sponsors and partners offer WISH more than financial support. It’s important to us to express our appreciation by thanking all of you that have been a part of and continue to be a part of our valued community.


You help to bring our vision to life with your generosity and without you we wouldn’t be able to progress as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and offer our members all of the benefits that we do.


Through your unwavering support we know that you understand and want to help support our values and promote our message across the sector: challenging gender inequality and the gender pay gap, by encouraging new and existing female talent to remain in the sector and by boosting one another through sharing experiences and our career successes. 


We know you too want to make a difference to women in the housing sector and join our mission to create a unique collective power network of opportunity for everyone.


We’d like to warmly invite you to be a part of our journey and become our sponsor or partner today. We can offer you tailored regional and national sponsorship packages plus a great range of bespoke benefits in return with our compliments. 


Choose to support WISH and our 500plus  members today and help champion our mission to create a lasting legacy 


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Networking the WISH way, “It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you.”


WISH is a fun community, encouraging and engaging every woman, just like you. Championing positive and beneficial outcomes for all, regardless of your role or experience within the housing sector.