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WISH Central: The Role of Social Housing in Addressing Domestic Abuse

Wednesday 24th July 2024

12:30pm - 2:00pm

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WISH Central: The Role of Social Housing in Addressing Domestic Abuse

WISH Central Online Event

The Role of Social Housing in Addressing Domestic Abuse

Date: Wednesday 24th July

Time: 12.30 to 2pm 

Via: Zoom (online)

Following the success of the in person event held in the WISH London region, we are delighted to host an online exploration of the role of social housing in addressing domestic abuse.

Join us for this insightful session which will include information on:

  • Addressing domestic abuse within the workplace
  • Providing tenants and customers access to domestic abuse services and recognising signs of abuse within a housing setting
  • Adhering to the Housing Duty on domestic abuse - The Social Housing Regulation Act (2023)
  • Understanding how to sign up to EDAC and what to expect


Our Speakers

Dr Kelly Henderson  - Managing Director, Addressing Domestic Abuse (C.I.C.)

Polly Harrar MSc– Founder of the Sharan Project and EDAC (Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant) Delivery Partner  


Kelly Henderson

Kelly is the founder and Managing Director of Addressing Domestic Abuse (ADA) – a community interest company that carries out research, evaluation and training on domestic abuse. ADA also supports housing providers, local authorities and repairs companies to improve their response to domestic abuse.  Kelly co-founded the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance and has a range of housing experience, including the role of Director of Housing, Supporting People Manager and roles in policy and research. She led a national property repairs company’s work on developing repairs operatives’ recognition of domestic abuse and the company establishing referral pathways with housing providers. 

She has a Masters in Housing Policy and Management and a PhD from Durham University focusing on the role of housing in a co-ordinated community response to domestic abuse. She was named 24 Housing's ‘Housing Professional of the Year’ 2018 for her work and research on housing and domestic abuse and named in the top 20 women leaders in Housing in 2020.  Kelly co-authored ‘Domestic Abuse and Housing – Policy into Practice’ (Routledge) and sits on the board of a housing provider.  


Polly Harrar

Polly Harrar is a British women's rights activist known for her work in supporting women who have been victims of forced marriage and honour-based abuse. She is the founder & CEO of The Sharan Project, a national charity which provides support and advice to vulnerable women, particularly those of South Asian origin, who have been disowned due to abuse or cultural conflicts.

In partnership with DWP, in 2020 she developed and launched the Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant (EDAC), aimed at encouraging businesses to create work opportunities for women affected by abuse to enter or re-enter the workplace by helping them gain confidence and skills for sustainable employment. EDAC has been included in the Tackling domestic abuse plan and guidance to employers as an exemplary framework to address domestic abuse.

As a multi award winner, Polly has been recognised as a human rights defender by Amnesty International and is a subject matter expert in her field, she continues to play a crucial role in addressing and preventing harmful practices and violence against women and girls.

The Sharan Project | Supporting South Asian Women in the UK

0844 504 3231 | Donate https://sharan.org.uk/get-involved-2/donations/

Delivery Partner | EDAC | Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant edacuk.org

Supporting women affected by abuse to enter or re-enter the workplace

Addressing Domestic Abuse (C.I.C.)

Tel: 07921 510 761

Website: addressingdomesticabuse.com

Twitter: AddressingDA

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