Monday 29th April 2024

Revealing Insights: WISH Annual Survey Results 2023

View the results of our Annual Survey 2023, shedding light on critical issues surrounding gender inequality...

Revealing Insights: WISH Annual Survey Results 2023

As champions of gender equality in the housing sector, WISH is committed to driving meaningful change and fostering inclusivity within our industry. On International Women's Day, we had the privilege of unveiling the results of our Annual Survey 2023, shedding light on critical issues surrounding gender inequality.

The findings from our survey serve as a poignant reminder of the work that lies ahead and underscore the relevance of our ongoing Presidential campaign, #HearHerVoice. Through this campaign, we aim to amplify women's voices and address the systemic barriers that hinder their progress in the housing sector.

We are thrilled to have received widespread coverage for our press release and President Tracey McEachran's insightful blog, both of which have been prominently featured in the housing sector press. This demonstrates the industry's recognition of the importance of our survey findings and the urgency of our mission.

As we delve into the survey results, we are confronted with stark realities that demand our attention. From disparities in leadership positions to unequal pay and limited career advancement opportunities for women, the data paints a sobering picture of the challenges that persist within our sector.

However, amidst these challenges, there is cause for optimism. The overwhelming response to our survey and the engagement with our press release and blog indicate a collective desire for change. By harnessing this momentum, we can work together to dismantle barriers, foster diversity, and create a more inclusive housing sector for all.

We invite you to explore the full article below to gain deeper insights into the findings of our Annual Survey 2023. Together, let's continue to raise awareness, spark conversations, and drive tangible progress towards gender equality in housing.

2023 WISH Annual Survey Results



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