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How to Build a Brilliant Team: the 5 core principles - January

Wednesday 10th January 2024

12:30pm - 1:30pm

 Online Event

Delivered by Hayley Gillard

How To Build A Brilliant Team (free one hour webinar)


Welcome to the "How To Build A Brilliant Team" webinar, designed to equip managers in the social housing sector with the essential knowledge and skills to create and lead effective teams. In just one hour, you will explore the five core principles for building successful teams and understand why they are vital in our sector. Furthermore, Hayley will guide you in applying and evaluating these principles within your own organisational context to ultimately define an overarching goal that will propel your team towards excellence.


Learning Outcomes:

1. Identify the Five Core Principles for Building Teams: We will begin by diving into the fundamental principles that underpin successful teams in the context of social housing. These principles provide a solid foundation for team development, and understanding them is crucial for effective leadership.

2. Understand the Importance of These Principles: To build exceptional teams, it is essential to comprehend why these principles are critical. We will explore real-world examples and case studies that demonstrate the impact of these principles on team performance, stakeholder satisfaction, and overall success in the social housing sector.

3. Apply and Evaluate the Principles: We will guide you in applying these principles to your specific setting. Whether you are managing a property management team, a tenant support team, safety or any other department within social housing, you will gain practical insights on how to implement and assess these principles in your day-to-day operations.

4. Define an Overarching Goal for Excellence: A key outcome of this webinar will be the ability to define a compelling, overarching goal that will drive your team towards excellence. Hayley will provide tools and strategies to identify the most appropriate objectives for your team's growth and success.


Your webinar will be facilitated by Hayley Gillard who has a wealth of experience in social housing and team development. She will engage you in interactive discussions, case studies, and personalised activities, ensuring you leave this webinar with actionable insights and a clear roadmap for team excellence.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your team leadership skills, optimise team performance, and make a significant impact in the social housing sector. Join us and take the first step towards building teams that thrive and deliver exceptional results.

Tickets for this event coming soon.

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