Wednesday 20th March 2024

Empowering Voices: Insights from Five Women at calfordseaden

Highlighting the experiences and insights of five remarkable women at calfordseaden who are making significant contributions to the construction industry.

Empowering Voices: Insights from Five Women at calfordseaden

As we celebrate International Women's Day 2024 and champion the achievements and contributions of women worldwide, we hear from five remarkable women at calfordseaden. Bernadette Chibika Mash, Nikki Hamilton, Zoe Cutts, Aretha Williams, and Megan Farmer all play pivotal roles in the construction industry and make valuable contributions in the continued progression of the built environment. They share insights into what empowers them in the workplace and offer valuable advice for women aspiring to work in the construction industry.


Bernadette Chibika Mash, Employer’s Agent

As a woman in construction, I’m empowered by the ability to break barriers and challenge stereotypes by demonstrating my skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities. The opportunity to manage large-scale projects and see them through from planning to completion is incredibly fulfilling, alongside the support and recognition from my colleagues and clients, who value my contributions and expertise in driving successful outcomes. Additionally, the sense of accomplishment and pride in overcoming challenges and delivering quality results fuels my passion and commitment to the industry. Being able to make a positive impact and excel in a traditionally underrepresented field makes it even more rewarding. 

My advice for women seeking to enter the construction industry is to believe in yourself and your abilities. Be confident in your skills and knowledge, and most of all don't be afraid to pursue your passion for the industry. Educate yourself, seek out mentorship, and continuously learn and develop your skills to excel. Network with other women in the industry, support each other, and create a strong community of like-minded professionals. Embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. Stay resilient, determined, and focused on your goals. Lastly, always remember that your perspectives and contributions are invaluable.


Nikki Hamilton, Bid Co-Ordinator

As part of the bid team, I engage in challenging and meaningful work that allows me as an individual to stretch my abilities and contribute towards securing important frameworks and projects for the wider practice. I work as part of a supportive team where individuals can leverage each other’s strengths and expertise which fosters a sense of empowerment and collective achievement.

Getting started in the construction industry can be challenging, regardless of your gender. Unfortunately, sexism and gender inequality still exist in the construction industry. Be prepared to face challenges and obstacles along the way. Stay resilient, focus on your goals, and don't let negativity deter you from pursuing your career aspirations.

Seek out female role models and mentors who have succeeded in the construction industry and ask for their guidance and mentorship. They can offer valuable insights, advice, and support as you navigate your career path.


Zoe Cutts, Health and Safety Advisor

Feeling supported and valued by people in the workplace, especially by my team and senior management. Additionally, being able to feel comfortable to communicate about matters which can help me grow and develop in my role.

I think it is important to feel confident in your abilities and skills, as this can provide the necessary push to make the positive impact you know you can make in the industry. Learning from women in the same industry is beneficial as there are many opportunities for professional development and training in the construction industry. I am lucky to work with some inspiring women who provide useful guidance.


Megan Farmer, Health and Safety Consultant

The thing that empowers me in the workplace are my colleagues, especially the Group 40 team. Seeing everyone progress, succeed, and enjoy what we do is lovely. I feel lucky to work in a team and in a workplace where we get on in and out of work – so 100% the people here empower me.

I would advise women looking to break-through into the construction industry to not be deterred by the fact that it is a male-dominated industry. In my experience, I have been fortunate to have not encountered any judgement or prejudice for being a female on site. The construction industry is a fun and social industry to work in, which creates a welcoming and inclusive environment that allows you to channel your skills as an individual.


Aretha Williams, Purchase Ledger Officer

A key piece of advice I would like to give to females looking to work in the construction industry is to be yourself, as this will inspire you and your colleagues to offer alternative perspectives and approaches in the workplace. Embracing authenticity enhances confidence and allows you to thrive in your role. Also, due to the construction industry being a typically male-dominated environment, it is important for women to be confident both in the office and on site. Confidence enables women to navigate through challenges, assert their ideas, and make their voices heard in a field where they may encounter adversity.

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