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Future Leaders Programme with Gemma Brown

Future Leaders Programme with Gemma Brown. Define your path, embrace your identity and uncover the authentic leader within...

Future Leaders Programme

Define your path, embrace your identity and uncover the authentic leader within

13 January, 27 January, 10 February, 24 February, 10 March & 24 March

Be empowered to take control of your career and inspired to authentically step into leadership

About this programme

In partnership with Women in Social Housing (WISH), this programme will empower you to take control of your career and inspire you to authentically step into leadership, whatever stage of your career you are at.

The programme focuses on authenticity, raising self awareness around who you are as a leader, and addresses common challenges women face in owning their own careers.

Throughout the programme, you will:

  • Be introduced to, and practice, a coaching approach to leadership
  • Identify career goals and gain an understanding into your intrinsic motivation
  • Develop knowledge of what it means to be an ‘authentic’ leader
  • Build awareness on your own leadership style
  • Explore your personal values - what they are and how these influence (and impact) your leadership style
  • Identify career highlights and unique strengths
  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs which may be holding you back
  • Develop ways to challenge negative self-talk to enable you to move forward
  • Develop your personal ‘brand’ and plan ways to execute a plan of influencing others to help you reach your career goals
  • Build awareness of your personal needs in order to maintain resilience and boundaries at work
  • Leave feeling empowered, inspired and knowledgeable about what you want next in your career

‘Future Leaders’ is designed to be supportive yet empowering for women who want to take control of their careers and personal development. It includes:

  • An introduction call with the programme coach
  • 18 hours of group coaching over 6 sessions
  • Opportunities for private reflection and journaling practice
  • Structured and guided activities
  • Breakout discussions and reflection with peers
  • Opportunities to connect with peers in between sessions
  • Support from the programme coach throughout the programme
  • A range of resources for continued reading and learning

Building on the values held closely by the WISH network, this programme will facilitate connection between participants and assist in expanding participant's personal and professional networks.

‘Future Leaders’ consists of 6 x 3 hour group coaching sessions (all 9.30am-12.30am) on 13th January, 27th January, 10th February, 24th February, 10th March and 24th March.

The programme will take place via Zoom with the opportunity for participants to connect with each other between sessions.

WISH Members: £1450 (plus Eventbrite booking fees)

Non-members: £1650 (plus Eventbrite booking fees)


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Who is this for?

This programme is specifically designed for women who work within the UK housing sector. Whether you’re a first time manager, looking for your next career move, or simply want to work out who you are as a leader, this programme will provide the time, space and guidance to own your career, embrace your identity and uncover the authentic leader within.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are” Brene Brown

You are likely to be curious about personal development and developing a growth mindset.

You want to better understand yourself so that you become increasingly comfortable with who you are, loosening the reliance on any ‘masks’ you wear and role-model the practice of being true to yourself with those around you.

You want to work with like-minded women on a similar journey who will support, and share with the same generosity that you intend to.

You want to build confidence and drive your career forward in a way that is aligned with your values, needs and purpose.

You may already be a leader with the job title to match, you may be about to embark on your leadership journey stepping into your first leadership role, you may strive to call yourself a leader in the future.

We believe anyone can be a leader regardless of your job title.

What will you take away?

  • A deeper knowledge of who you are, what is important to you and what makes you unique
  • A greater awareness of your leadership style and how to maximise the impact of your style
  • Increased confidence to ‘show up’ as you
  • An understanding of your skills and strengths and how to implement these with greater clarity
  • Tools to overcome limiting beliefs and barriers that may be holding you back
  • Your own personal branding ‘pitch’ and the confidence to execute it
  • An intricate knowledge of your personal needs and ways to maintain resilience and boundaries by getting these met
  • A plan to move forward in whatever direction feels authentic to you
  • A new network of women to empower and support you
  • A ‘toolkit’ that will last long past the programme itself - practical tools and techniques to refer back to and put into practice on a regular basis
  • The sense of community

Session overview

Session one - Group formation and goal setting

Session two - Understanding and embracing authentic leadership

Session three - Honing and owning your unique strengths and skills

Session four - Overcoming fears and barriers to confidently direct your career, including exploring imposter-like thoughts and feelings

Session five - Building your personal brand and working your network

Session six - Leadership resilience and action planning

About WISH

WISH is a fun networking community of encouragement and support for every woman, just like you. Championing positive and beneficial outcomes for all, regardless of your role or experience within the UK housing sector.

To find out more a bout WISH and their membership options, visit: | LinkedIn

About Gemma Brown

Gemma believes we would all thrive if we had the confidence and environment to be our true selves.

Coaching provides a bespoke, tailored solution for people to embrace their true selves, skills and abilities. By creating the time and space for busy individuals to focus on their professional development, they can confidently progress towards their goals.

Following a successful career within the tourism sector, Gemma now helps businesses and individuals achieve their full potential. During her 10 years within the tourism industry she undertook multiple leadership and change management roles for the (then) UK’s largest holiday cottage agency.

Gemma creates a safe space for you to reflect and process. She works with you to understand your context and what is important to you; helps you assess strengths and achievements; and helps you face and overcome your challenges so that you can move forward in whichever way is right for you. | LinkedIn

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