Thursday 29th November 2018

Supporting diversity: Greenacre Recruitment backs Women in Social Housing (WISH) networks in London and the Midlands

Women in Social Housing (WISH) is delighted to announce that it has teamed up with Greenacre Recruitment, with the firm sponsoring WISH’s networks in the London and Midlands regions.

WISH, the only membership-based, network for women working across every discipline of UK housing, undertakes crucial work in challenging stereotypes and helping to remove barriers for women working in these industries. It assists women in both the public and the private sectors.

WISH takes its work into schools to support young women to consider careers in housing. It also assists women already working in the sector to progress and develop.

The sponsorship from Greenacre Recruitment, which has specialised in recruitment within the housing sector for more than a decade, will be a key factor in helping WISH build its network and deliver new events and services for members.

As part of the partnership Greenacre will be giving members exclusive access to a number of roles through the WISH Jobs Board.

Katie McDonald, Finance and Membership Manager of Wish commented: “We are thrilled that Greenacre Recruitment has agreed to sponsor our work. Sponsorship of this nature enables us to promote the aims, objectives and the many strengths of WISH to a wider audience.

“This sponsorship will help us in our mission to address gender equality across the sector. It will enable us to support more young women thinking about housing or construction as a career and help us offer support through our mentoring programme.”

Daniel Short of Greenacre Recruitment said: “Greenacre Recruitment is delighted to support WISH in expanding opportunities for women along their career pathways by helping to create a level platform and accessible routes where diversity and equality are paramount.

“We are committed to helping women identify career opportunities through the WISH Jobs Boards and are keen to encourage women to apply for non-executive roles.

“There is way too much talent out there to go to waste and we believe in creating the structures, routes and support to help our female candidates not just succeed but excel at what they do best.”

WISH runs its support network through eight regional groups across the UK. Members can meet like-minded women and enjoy inspiring events in a relaxed and fun environment.

If you would like to join the network or feel that your company could benefit by sponsoring and working with WISH, please contact Katie at  [email protected]

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