Thursday 21st June 2018

WISH Cumbria Learns The Modern Way To Get A Job

A job is no longer for life and with the many restructures affecting people working in the social housing sector across Cumbria, WISH Cumbria has offered support to its members, extending the offer to others in the county working in the industry. WISH Cumbria called upon an HR expert to present a workshop packed with give tips and advice on getting a job (or promotion) in a modern world. It proved to be a very motivating and enlightening afternoon.

Cumbria WISH contacted Julia Cater, owner of People Decisions – a Cumbrian based HR Consultancy, to support the group with a workshop that could bring attendees up to date with approaches and techniques to help find new jobs.

Carolyn Greenhalgh, Chair of WISH Cumbria and Deputy Head of Housing and Asset Management at Dimensions said “Lots of people in our industry are faced with job changes and redundancy. It is a challenging time and can really affect your self-esteem. Many have been in the same organisation for a number of years and have not needed to use the more modern techniques for job hunting.

“Julia’s workshop was fantastic because she understands both sides of the table. She recruits for companies and also helps people develop their own personal brand to secure interviews.”

The workshop spent time looking at ‘your personal brand’ and how you are perceived in the marketplace. It also looked at the importance of networks and networking and spent time focusing on the benefits and pitfalls of social media.

Julia Cater said “There were lots of questions about personal brand and using social media to promote strengths. I touched on writing blogs which created a great deal of interest and we also discussed the benefits of a consistent profile picture. The ‘Millennials’ are hungry for speed and information and have helped shape the way recruitment is going. From the feedback I received, the workshop really opened eyes to see a more modern way to find work.”

Summing up the event Carolyn Greenhalgh said “We learned most about using the internet for career purposes – an essential when 76% of people now search and apply for jobs on line. Hopefully this session will motivate those looking for new work.


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