Thursday 24th March 2022

WISH East Newsletter 2022

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WISH East Newsletter 2022


by Sandra Maguire

Liz Oliver and I hosted our first Wish East event as new Co-Chairs for International Women’s Day.  As a board we were keen to use the opportunity for this year’s theme on Breaking the Bias to focus on mental health.

Liz our amazing colleague shared her lived experience about her own mental health journey and how she has overcome obstacles and self-limiting beliefs, to find space in making looking after her mental health a priority. Liz’s showed us that by being your authentic self, you not only illuminate the path forward to build a life that brings meaning, but you also inspire others around you to do the same.  

Laura Brown talked us through some of the legal aspects and what we can do to support each other to journey through mental health and how awareness is key in providing that safe space, for others to share their experience. Laura is natural and engaging speaker, who shares her passion readily and passionately to help and support others.

Lucy Malarkey, our newly appointed CEO for WISH, shared her career journey in social housing and talked about that while some opportunities paid more, they didn’t necessarily align with her values and core beliefs, taking her to a place where she could live her passion.  Lucy’s passion for diversity and inclusion is contagious and educational at the same time. She talks about how networking and allyship are key in supporting women to flourish, thrive and be the best that they can be.

Watch the recording here.

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