Monday 27th September 2021

WISH Managing Director Post

WISH are looking for a new Managing Director... Helen Greig explains...


Almost a year to the day since I was first sent the very same job advert that is going out now, I find myself writing this blog to explain why it has to be this way.  As difficult decisions go, this was one of the top ones from a work perspective – it’s hard enough to leave a job you dislike, but to leave one you love?   

Coming into WISH as the first recruited-for MD in its lifetime was exciting, terrifying and exhausting.  There was so much I wanted to do, so many unknowns to navigate and I was newly self-employed, learning how to balance the demands of HMRC and their myriad requirements.  Adding in the most part-time of part-time senior roles known to woman was a challenge.  But a challenge I loved, and adopted with a certain amount of glee as it was a fabulous opportunity.

Within two months we had a new vision and purpose, that clarified exactly where we sat within the ecosystem of the equality sector in housing.  Within five months we had finalised our strategic and business plan, with three sub-groups set up to take the work forward.  We revamped the online events schedule, streamlined meeting schedules, welcomed new sponsors, implemented a new IT system, have started working to create Scotland WISH, planned (and finally held) real-life events – it felt good.  I am so proud of what we have all achieved over this last year, with such a small team of paid staff and amazing volunteers.

So what happened?  Well, nothing.  Not with WISH at least.  My consultancy work went really well, and led to an offer being made that would have been foolish to refuse.  So I didn’t.  Now, as a line in my favourite film goes, ‘there are 24 usable hours in every day’ so my immediate reaction was to just try and do both roles.  But here’s the thing – I have to live what I encourage others to do.  In this case, it meant I had to accept my very human limitations and make a really hard decision, which was to walk away from a job I love, that I feel I am good at, and that I know I could have done more with. 

If you are interested in this role, I would strongly encourage you to go for it.  If you’d like to talk to me first, let me know and we’ll find a time.  It feels like a brilliant time to come in and take things to the next level – the groundwork is there.  Another quote from my favourite film (Empire Records, as you asked) seems quite appropriate to finish with – “We don’t regret the things we’ve done, just the ones we haven’t”.  And I don’t. 

Please view the Recruitment Pack Here.

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