Thursday 18th June 2020

WISH stands in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter

WISH stands in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter. We want our members to know that WISH rejects all forms of racism.

WISH stands in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter


WISH was established over 20 years ago in part to stand against gender inequality in construction and social housing sectors.  Like many people we recently observed the  latest in a line of brutal killings.  George Floyd was murdered whilst in police custody and this has prompted protests around the world.  For our black community it is a painful reminder of the parallels with systemic racism in the UK.


We want our members to know that WISH rejects all forms of racism.  Equality and equity for all should not be a controversial issue, it is a human right.  We stand in solidarity with the black community and the Black Lives Matter movement.  We are well aware that solidarity alone is not enough. Racism is a complex problem and doesn't disappear unless we make it a priority to educate ourselves on racism, recognize implicit bias, speak up, and act against it.


Actions we are taking?

  • We know diversity brings strength and we are proud that our Board of Directors is racially diverse with 30% BAME representation. 
  • We will not stop there,  we are in the process of developing strategies to measure and ensure that our membership and Regional Boards are representative of the communities in which we operate.   
  • As a member organisation we welcome any suggestions and comments from them or our sponsors to improve the diversity of our organisation.     

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