Wednesday 1st December 2021

WISH Yorkshire and Humberside Winter Newsletter 2021

WISH Yorkshire and Humberside, are joining the Menopause revolution...

WISH Yorkshire and Humberside Winter Newsletter 2021


Here at Women in Social Housing (WISH) Yorkshire and Humberside, we are joining the Menopause revolution and have created a series of events to help women - and men - in social housing come together to talk, share, learn and create change.

Event 1: Understanding the Menopause

Wednesday 26 January 2022 12pm-1:30pm (online)

In this first national event we'll be joined by Miss Menopause who will help us to understand what the menopause is and how it affects people differently. We’ll hear from women with lived experience working in Housing Associations and in West Yorkshire Police, and there will also be chance to learn more about how to manage your health when experiencing the menopause. This session will also leave those with loved ones or colleagues experiencing the menopause more informed about how best to support women.


Event 2 – How to become a menopause diverse employer

Thursday 10 March 2022 12pm-1:30pm (online)

As part of WISH’s International Women’s Day week-long celebrations, we’ll be joined by Miss Menopause again who will give us an overview of what organisations should, could and are doing to become menopause diverse employers. We’ll hear from housing associations across the sector about the work their organisations are doing on the menopause. We’ll also hear from West Yorkshire Police and the British Association for women in Policing about their national menopause action group.

You can sign up to get a ticket to the events by clicking the links in the event names above.

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